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About Alex Walker

Multiple Editing credits for the BBC, ITN  & Channel 4 as well as a frequent collaborator with some of the world’s leading brands, agencies & historic sporting-moments including:







Creative Editor and Motion Graphics Designer with 10+ years experience in Adobe Premiere/After Effects & Avid.

Proficient with audio editing; subtitling; multi-cam; stock footage archives, strict brand guide-lines and technical broadcast workflows to major post-production houses using SohoNet; Aspera & Egnyte.



Be sure to check out my portfolio beneath seperated by Fictional and Factual productions.

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Quarterley musings, updates and insights about my career and the latest film/television productions:

2021 in review and looking into 2022 #rhymes #bars

So these are gonna be quarterly. How do people do this every month let alone the lunatics that do this kind of thing everyday? Who has that much to say?

Year 1 of freelancing went significantly better than I could have ever expected working with world class brands, agencies, sporting events and governmental health campaigns.

The year went so well in fact that for the start of this year my first client was Google and immediately following that I began editing the 2022 Jack Morton Global Sizzle Reel.

Jack Morton logo

My first project with “Jack” was in August 2021 creating Motion Graphics for an internal documentary for YouTube: Music and Premium. This was my first taste of this caliber of client working with what I soon came to realise was one of the leading Brand Experience/Live-events agencies in the world. Clients include other no-mark companies such: The Late Show with Stephen Colbert; NHL/NFL on TNT; Adidias; Samsung; Reebok; Mini… I could go on.

4 months and 5 other successful Jack Morton projects later (Unity; Facebook; Google; Ericsson; HP) I find myself sifting through this footage trying to craft a truly world-class product. Working with an experienced motion graphics designer we are trying to craft a piece that seamlessly blends live action with motion graphics while clearly showcasing the best Jack Morton has to offer focusing on 3 specific themes for the edited footage sections. While the Motion Graphics designer focused on fully animated sections and integration with the footage I was given creative free regin on Split Screens/Grids; Camera Animations and Layer stacking. The latter of which I was extremely pleased with creating something new that I hadn’t seen in other advertising media specifically noted by the Producer.

This has really been one of those projects where the immediate leadership and direction has been realistic, specific and continuously developed the project for the better. That kind of thing is professional gold dust

We have one more week left on the project and so far feedback has been extremely positive. In what feels like one of those 8-Mile moments everyone has throughout their lives pushing myself and building on tried and tested techniques has been nothing but a joy and I cannot wait for this piece to go live. A true cherry on the top of what has been the most successful cake/year of my professional life. 

In other news I have had a new website created by the fine folks at Kehorne Website Developers limited. You are literally on it now. Take a look around… (“It’s Limp Bizkit f**king up your town…“)

Like most creative briefs set by clients I gave these guys a nice, vague and arguably plagiarized brief on what kind of website I wanted. After initial discussions and various templates suggested I was presented with the following: and frankly I could not be happier with it.

The colour scheme feels bold, modern and welcoming, coupled with the AJW transparent template for the showreel Kerhone could not have met my expectations any further.

A real present to myself and a great example of why you should invest in professionals rather than basic template “creative websites” by the usual suspects.

If you need a website Kehorne are your guys:



New 2021 Showreel // Early 2021 Availability

New 2021 Showreel // Early 2021 Availability

Hey everybody,

After one heullva year my early-2021 showreel has been updated and you can find it at //

Rounding out last year and starting off this year with new projects with BBC/Resource Productions, Keypoint Intelligence/Epson Printers and renowned YouTube documentarian James Jani. Be sure to check out those full projects in my portfolio.

I have availabilty up until the last week of April until the end of May so I’ll be taking bookings before and after then for any Editing, Motion Graphics/Animation, Post-Production supervision/co-ordination and DIT roles for any upcoming projects . For enquiries contact:

Hope everybody is well and has their tables booked at their local pubs at the next available opportunity,


April Update / Supervising the Edit.

April Update / Supervising the Edit.


Upping my social media game as not-so young people say with some new content on the way for a company called Doughnut Delights. I was essentially given free reign to develop a 30 second ad for the company with pre-existing footage shot from a mobile phone and .jpeg graphic design assets…. Not ideal, but as the theme of this blog will be – the challenge is half the fun! With the playful logo as the inspiration it’s been fun trying to create a fresh piece of content that isn’t having to rely on Bad TV Glitch effects throughout to give that “edgy” look that permeates through online social media advertising.

So far it has a more liquid, bright, circular design and effects palette with funk/disco soundtrack. Looking forward to delivering this one for sure.

If you’d like your own 30 second Ad for Social Media contact to find our more about rates and availability.

So after completing the edit on the soon to be house-hold name Chloe Kennedy’s “Dream Insomniac” I have been Supervising Editor on another Resource Production’s alumni Emilie Cheung’s new short “Fish”. A tale/tail focusing on micro-aggression and casual racism amongst a British-Chinese family.

The key editing challenges we faced were altering editing rhythms to convey tension and disjointed relationships while maintaining the pace necessary within the 5-minute total running time.

Two key scenes required multiple reversions with singular frames having ramifications on key narrative beats. It was exactly the kind of challenge that any Editor relishes and what we ultimately do this profession for. Having to undertake this role in a Covid secure way via Zoom- while not impossible – definitely provided an obstacle to overcome in terms of ensuring my editing vocabulary was clear and succinct. In lieu of being able to sit with the editor and go through the Assembly & Raw Footage trying out ideas in real time. Remote working here demonstrating there isn’t any substitute for face to face communication.

I am happy to say that the project has been delivered to Arts with Impact and will be premiering on June 21st.

Currently available for Corporate and Fictional/Factual Editing from June 1st. For inquiries email:

What my clients say

“Alex Walker is hands down the best editor I’ve been lucky enough to work with. He edited and was the assistant producer on a short film I directed for C4’s ‘Random Acts’ called ‘Pas De Deux’ and was absolutely integral to the shaping of the piece. He was very quick to come up with creative solutions to sequences that were particularly challenging, and is, in general, highly skilled and highly competent in his craft. As well as consistently proving to be extremely hardworking, reliable, and invested in the task at hand.

It was not the easiest project to edit but he very eagerly took on the challenge and overcame every obstacle, and exceeded every expectation.

I was very happy with the final product, and working together on the film was an absolute pleasure! I would 100% work with him again, and have full trust in him with any project.

If you’re looking for an editor – Alex is definitely your guy!”

Emilie Cheung

Director, Pas De Deux

“I was very fortunate to have Alex as my manager during my time at London Real.

He was a fantastic mentor to many and a confident leader of the production team.

His excellent attention to detail and the ability to implement the most efficient work process possible is what allowed his team to hit company targets.

Alex would make a terrific addition to any production team.”

Harry Bagg

Junior Editor, London Real

“Alex is a strategic thinker and a meticulous planner with great leadership skills.

I’ve never seen someone navigate the pressure of multiple tight deadlines with so much focus and calm.

He is a fantastic team player and an absolute pleasure to work with. I highly recommend him!”

Fadela Hilali

Learning and Development Coach, London Real

“I’m lucky to have worked for Alex, a manager who’s not only interested in putting out high-level content, but also in the well being of his team.

He has an incredible eye for detail which never missed any errors, while his leadership allowed the team to continuously put out powerful content, changing the way the world thinks about London Real.

A true expert in his craft.”

Tyler Sear

Junior Editor, London Real

“Alex edited our short Lehenga, a commissioned work for Channel 4 Ignition Random Acts produced by Resource Productions.

Alex did such a wonderful job of shaping the film into what it is today. The short has since screened at numerous prestigious festivals including a nomination for the BAFTA qualifying Iris Prize Award in the UK and an award win at the IIFA Los Angeles.

Having known Alex since 2013, I am confident in praising his hard work, dedication, and passion for the projects he is part of.

Alex is a very easy going person with a lot of ideas to share.

He is truly an absolute delight to work with.”

Nathalia Syam

Director, Lehenga

OF 5

For Enquiries contact..