So these are gonna be quarterly. How do people do this every month let alone the lunatics that do this kind of thing everyday? Who has that much to say?

Year 1 of freelancing went significantly better than I could have ever expected working with world class brands, agencies, sporting events and governmental health campaigns.

The year went so well in fact that for the start of this year my first client was Google and immediately following that I began editing the 2022 Jack Morton Global Sizzle Reel.

Jack Morton logo

My first project with “Jack” was in August 2021 creating Motion Graphics for an internal documentary for YouTube: Music and Premium. This was my first taste of this caliber of client working with what I soon came to realise was one of the leading Brand Experience/Live-events agencies in the world. Clients include other no-mark companies such: The Late Show with Stephen Colbert; NHL/NFL on TNT; Adidias; Samsung; Reebok; Mini… I could go on.

4 months and 5 other successful Jack Morton projects later (Unity; Facebook; Google; Ericsson; HP) I find myself sifting through this footage trying to craft a truly world-class product. Working with an experienced motion graphics designer we are trying to craft a piece that seamlessly blends live action with motion graphics while clearly showcasing the best Jack Morton has to offer focusing on 3 specific themes for the edited footage sections. While the Motion Graphics designer focused on fully animated sections and integration with the footage I was given creative free regin on Split Screens/Grids; Camera Animations and Layer stacking. The latter of which I was extremely pleased with creating something new that I hadn’t seen in other advertising media specifically noted by the Producer.

This has really been one of those projects where the immediate leadership and direction has been realistic, specific and continuously developed the project for the better. That kind of thing is professional gold dust

We have one more week left on the project and so far feedback has been extremely positive. In what feels like one of those 8-Mile moments everyone has throughout their lives pushing myself and building on tried and tested techniques has been nothing but a joy and I cannot wait for this piece to go live. A true cherry on the top of what has been the most successful cake/year of my professional life. 

In other news I have had a new website created by the fine folks at Kehorne Website Developers limited. You are literally on it now. Take a look around… (“It’s Limp Bizkit f**king up your town…“)

Like most creative briefs set by clients I gave these guys a nice, vague and arguably plagiarized brief on what kind of website I wanted. After initial discussions and various templates suggested I was presented with the following: and frankly I could not be happier with it.

The colour scheme feels bold, modern and welcoming, coupled with the AJW transparent template for the showreel Kerhone could not have met my expectations any further.

A real present to myself and a great example of why you should invest in professionals rather than basic template “creative websites” by the usual suspects.

If you need a website Kehorne are your guys: