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What secret does this young man have? | Lehenga by Nathalia Syam | Short | Random Acts

As an eligible man prepares to impress a potential bride, his mind strays to a painful secret.

Lehenga highlights the conformities of tradition along with the freedom permitted by embracing your true identity.

Nathalia Syam is a filmmaker based between the UK and India, whose work focuses on diverse, relatable social themes.

FIRST ACTS: films made by young filmmakers aged 16-25 from around the UK.

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Baptism in neon | Rebirth by Rebecca Lesley | Short Film | Music Video | Random Acts

Filmmaker Rebecca Lesley uses lush aesthetics, biblical connotations and striking sound design to convey the blurred lines between reality and hallucination in her short film Rebirth.

Rebecca Lesley is an artist and filmmaker who built her career upon working as a textiles trainee in film. Having worked on three Random Acts films, Rebecca has had paintings exhibited and auctioned in London and Bristol, including her solo show Rebirth. #RandomActs #Rebirth #shortfilm

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Silence the demons | Quietus by Josh Hext | Short Film | Horror Film | Random Acts

All the screens in the world can’t save Christina in Quietus, a chilling short film by Josh Hext.

When a power cut leaves a young woman alone with her thoughts, she must summon a new inner strength to defeat her demons.
#RandomActs #Anxiety #shortfilm

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Pressure of Western beauty | Pull Tag Knot by Ayesha Ramsay | Spoken Word Short | Random Acts

Writer and director Ayesha Ramsay explores the complex and often troubled relationship between young black women and their natural afro-textured hair. The short film combines a powerful spoken word poem detailing the pain of styling and pressure to conform to Western beauty ideals. It stars actor and writer Sophia Leonie.

First Acts is a series of films celebrating England’s most exciting 16 – 24 year-old artist, filmmakers in partnership with the Arts Council England. To find out more visit:

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After a car accident, a woman finds acceptance | Pas De Deux by Emilie Cheung | Short | Random Acts

Emilie Cheung uses a medley of dance styles to tell the story of a young woman coming to terms with her new disability.

Emilie Cheung is a music video director and commercial filmmaker as well as making short films that seek to challenge and provoke conversation.

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Experiencing eating disorders | Daily Cycle by Shannon Smyth & Harry Binstead | Short | Random Acts

In Daily Cycle, Shannon Smyth and Harry Binstead aim to raise awareness of eating disorders and dispel myths about those who suffer from them.

You can read Am I Normal’s interview with Shannon and Harry here:

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Questioning borders between play and violence | Bulldogs by Zara Sands | Short Film | Random Acts

Zara Sands’ Bulldogs explores suppressed aggression and ambition, and the outcome of society’s moralistic expectations and the repression of the competitive pressures placed on young girls. The film questions where the real line is between playfulness and an attack, and how these ways of looking at the situation are both subjective and involve the loss of detail.

First Acts is a series of films celebrating England’s most exciting 16 – 24 year-old artist, filmmakers in partnership with the Arts Council England.
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Learn to Love Your Lenses | Spectacle by Anna Gray | Short Film | Random Acts

young woman reflects on a life of wearing glasses in Anna Gray’s short film Spectacle. From seeing clearly for the first time to the tedium of eye tests and the embarrassment of wearing glasses to school, this is an honest and empowering short film about taking hold of your own identity.

Anna Gray graduated from the BFI Film Academy at Pinewood with NCFE Level 2. She has since worked on the costumes, scripts and storyboards of multiple short films.

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Education needs to change | Their They're There by Olly Blower | Short Film | Random Acts

Live action and animation collide in this playful yet painfully honest short film about the familiar frustrations of exams.

Olly Blower is a student and filmmaker from South East England.
#RandomActs #School #shortfilm

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Emma Raducanu vs Leylah Fernandez Highlights | 2021 US Open Final

Emma Raducanu takes on Leylah Fernandez in the final of 2021 US Open.

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Unity - Metacast | Unity/Jack Morton

We’re kicking this week off with Peter Moore at Leaders in Sport #LeadersWeek, sharing how Unity is powering the future of sports with Unity Metacast.

Greening The World | Citibank

FIA, EBIT and Yahoo Creative Studios collaborated virtually to produce fashion campaign imagery in a way that has never been done before. Without needing to be in the same space, the fashion crew could virtually communicate, create and edit the environment in real-time.

The Tinder House Ep.01 | Tinder

Discover Cambridge-1, the UK’s most powerful supercomputer and ranked among the 50 fastest in the world.
Explore the AI and healthcare research planned from leading UK top scientists and healthcare experts, and how the powerful combination of AI and simulation will accelerate the digital biology revolution bolstering the UK’s world-leading life sciences industry.

G650 vs Competitor - Product Demonstration | Canon

Look Book 2023 | Royal Ascot

A Cultural History of Beards | BBC Ideas

Why do men have beards? It’s a puzzle of evolution. Here’s a celebration of beards – in all their shapes and sizes.

Mario Kart | Guinness World Records

T20 WC22 | Eng vs Afg - 7min Highlights

How many can you name? | LTA

Caribbean Adventures - Aruba | British Airways x Yahoo!

Poet Theophina Gabriel dispels the myth that black skin does not age – it’s more complicated than that.

Life Behind Bars | ITN X C&I Network

CapitalFM x VODAFONE - Wimbledon | Global

Play Your to Wimbledon | ESPN x VODAFONE

Commissioned work.
Promotional Video.

On The Money Ep.2 - Social | Channel 4