Well the intention of doing one of these once a month lasted two entries so we’re off to a good start. I guess being relatively busy is nothing to complain about especially within the “Current Climate”.

Through the back-end of April and May I’ve been putting together some marketing content for RISO/Keypoint Intelligence focusing on the Energy Consumption; Speed Performance; and Productivity Anaylsis of their latest commerical printer range.

The production consisted of constructing a 10x10ft lightbox with 2x Aperture and 3x Dedox lights for a 2x Camera 2-day shoot on the Canon c300 and c100. We ran multiple tests on both RISO and a competitor printer as well as a days worth of B-Roll of both machines.

This was then followed up with 2 weeks of Editing and Motion Graphics (After Effects). This put my new editing set-up up to the task. One particular seqeunce required 2x 4k footage – 1hr & 45mins long respectively. As well as 2x1080p footage at the same length sped up into a 25second sequence with animated backgrounds and number counters.

The project was delivered for first review last Thursday and inital comments were extremely positive so I’m pretty pleased so far with this one. Will post final links on the next blog entry.

Busy through to July but I have availability for any corporate production until October. Contact: ajwalker86@hotmail.co.uk for dates and rates.

On a more comedic note…. Not a fan of lame internet buzz words but were GBNews production team purposefully trying to make Andrew Neil genuinely look like a “Gammon” as much as possible? Those magenta tones are outrageous! Hahaha